The Right Talent at The Right Time

HR ONLY’s Staffing services allows you to temporarily augment your regular HR staff with experienced HR specialists. We act as the employer of record with sole responsibility for payroll, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. We shield you from independent contractor mis-classifications and other employer liabilities such as wrongful termination charges.



Experience Candidate Fit & Performance First

Interim-to-Hire Services allow you to assess the candidate in real time while HR ONLY acts as the employee of record and handles payroll. This provides you with a risk-free opportunity to objectively evaluate the candidate as being the “best fit” for the job and company culture.



Dedicated Off-Site Recruiting Services

Dedicated off-site Recruiter that will manage all or some aspects of the Recruiting process based on your needs. Services can include writing and placing ads, phone screening, face-to-face interviews, issuing skills assessments, completing VOEs, references, drug screens, background checks.



You do the Recruiting – We Pay the Contingent Worker

You refer the candidate to HR ONLY and we become the employer of record. Whether you’re hiring one person or a whole team, Payroll Services provides improved recruiting flexibility while reducing costs.